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This event will be livestreamed HERE @ Stop Mass Incarceration.

This livestream can be viewed here from the beginning  again after this broadcast shortly after it ends.  Press watch live and enter your email address and follow the directions.

See it livestreamed in SF/Bay Area, Seattle, Cleveland Chicago, LA, New Haven Cn, Atlanta  (Details here)



They sang of Kendra James, Keaton Otis and Aaron Campbell before a crowd of 200 gathered in Dawson Park. “Hell You Talmbout” is a call-and-response spiritual that asks listeners to say the names of African Americans killed by police or vigilantes.

More from Portland

Janelle Monae and Wondaland at 24st BART in San Francisco- credit Ryan Crowder

More Pics from San Francisco

 More From Portland Los Angeles, Chicago, DC, New York, Philly

What Is the Political Aim of October 22 to 24?

The situation is this: thousands of people have risen in the last year to demand that the police stop their wanton and repeated killings of Black and Latino people. But the police, backed up from on high, have continued this onslaught and lashed back harder. This is a plague, this is the spearpoint of a genocide. Yet way too many people still sit on the sidelines. In the face of this, Rise Up October has called for militant and mass mobilization on October 22 to 24, focused in New York City, to STOP this. These actions aim to mobilize many more thousands of people, from all walks of life, much more actively into this fight, to powerfully insist through their actions on those days that these murders must simply stop, NOW. Such an unprecedented outpouring of protest and resistance, along with the whole process of building up to these days, would awaken and inspire millions, and sharply raise the question to the whole society and the whole world – WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? The aim is to get things to the point where there are millions who both feel in their bones that this system of intimidation, terror and murder is INTOLERABLE… and are willing to step out and act in all different ways to stop this, and have the ways to do so. In other words, these actions in October aim to change the whole tenor and direction of society. That is what we are calling for. And that is worth going all-in on.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO #RISEUPOCTOBER Join Up with #RiseUpOctober! Stop Police Terror–WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?

What you can do NOW:

1. Distribute promotional materials: Download palm cards, posters & the Rise Up October Call Give them out in a laundromat, a library, a classroom, coffee shops, salons and barbershops.

2. Endorse the Call: As an individual, organization, union, school club,or religious group.

3. Make a donation to #RiseUpOctober via the Stop Mass Incarceration Network. Donations are tax-deductible.

4. Spread #RiseUpOctober #WhichSideAreYouOn via social media.  Down load stuff here and use the hashtags #RiseUpOctober  &

5. Neighborhoods hardest hit by police terror: Distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood.

6. Go to a local Rise Up October meeting. If there isn’t one plan one.

7. Be in touch with the national movement.

8. Organize your faith community, school, sorority, fraternity, union to get on the bus and get to NYC Saturday October 24. USE THIS NEW LETTER TO ORGANIZATIONS

Video from Aug 14 Times Square

Janelle Monae’ and Wondaland Join STOP Mass Incarceration at Times Square Today!

April 14, 2015 Hot Indie News


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.46.32 PM

MASS INCARCERATION: Prison Population Grows 700%

August 15, 2015 by AHH Staff (@AllHipHopcom) Editorial.


Do You Want to Stop Police Murder?


Alice Walker More Voices of Conscience


Dashcam Video: Shooting of Jonathan Ferrell.

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