Carl Dix Speech from Chicago at the Midwest Regional Stop Mass Incarceration Network Conference “We’re in a Genocidal Emergency and We Gotta Stop It”

No More Stolen Lives Tour1

Two-hour radio special of the Michael Slate Show on KPFK focusing on No More Stolen Lives – Say Their Names,Times Square, Oct 22, and the National March to Stop Police Terror, Oct 24. Rise Up October brought together thousands of people for 3 days of action in New York City, including hundreds of family members of those murdered by police, to stop police brutality and murder.The actions brought things to a whole new level of resistance at a time when police continue to murder people across the country, killing more people in 2015 than any year before. 

Tweets & Pics from the Streets -Demanding Justice for Tamir   

December 29 NYC

December 28 NYC Shutting Down the Brooklyn Bridge


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 2.33.36 PM_BICUBIC2_1
“Crónicas de un mundo en conflicto – EE. UU.: Tensión Racial – 14-11-15 (2 de 3)” “Chronicles from a World in conflict – United States: Racial Tension” Powerful documentary from Arentina in english and Spanish about Police Murder and the Oprresion of Black people.

Carl Dix takes on Fox’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, 10/31


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