Forum on Thursday, May 28 in Baltimore:

6:30 at First Unitarian Church, 514 N. Charles, Baltimore, MD
(near W. Franklin, near Lexington subway and light rail stations, and #3, 11,15, 64, 320 bus routes)

Baltimore has been thrust onto the front lines of the struggle to STOP murder by police by the response of the people to the murder of Freddie Gray. This response has forced the system to do something it almost never does: indict its police for killing someone. Things have to go much further. All the way to convicting and jailing the cops who murdered Freddie Gray. And this fight needs to be developed as part of the struggle STOP the horror of this system giving police a green light to brutalize and murder Black and Latino people.

Can the charges against the cops who stole Freddie Gray’s life be made to stick? How do we carry forward the fight for Justice for Freddie Gray all the way to the end – to the killer cops being convicted and sent to jail? Why do police kill people again and again and almost always get away with it? What must be done to END this horror once and for all?

Join us for a discussion of all this.

Speakers will include:

Kwame Alston (Black Student Union, Johns Hopkins University)

Carl Dix (co-initiator of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party)

Adam Jackson (Founder & CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Baltimore)

Tawanda Jones (sister of Tyrone West who was murdered by Baltimore police in July 2013)

Marlene Kanmogne (African Students Association, Johns Hopkins University)

With other speakers to be announced soon.


Donation requested / No one will be turned away.

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Statement from Carl Dix:

Today the system let another killer cop get away with murdering a young Black man. It was announced today that Matt Kenny, the white cop who fired 7 shots into Tony Robinson’s head, torso and arm—all of them fired in the space of 3 seconds, from “front to back” in the words of the District Attorney (DA)will face no charges.. Before making this announcement the DA went thru his own background. That his mother had been the youngest person in a Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) chapter back in the 1960’s. And that he was the 1st and only Black DA in the state of Wisconsin.


Do You Want to Stop Police Murder?



161 donors helped meet the goal of $15,000 for this campaign on April 29, 2015. Because the epidemic of murder by police is NOT stopping, more funds are already needed to spread this movement around the U.S. Your donation WILL make a difference.

 Jasmine Guy, Actor, Director, signer of the Statement of Conscience from Cornel West & Carl Dix

  (Extended) May Day Protest 2015 – ILWU Local 10 from Kavilier Films on Vimeo.   Pigs try to kidnap 2 women in NYC;Community Does not Allow it! Video from JJ’s (Jeffery Kemp’s) funeral when mourners forced police to back off from harassing them with whistles and outrage. JJ was shot in the back and murdered by Police in Chicago April 17 at age 18